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Thalys: The high-speed rail service Thalys was originally envisioned in 1987, with an agreement later signed by rail operators from Belgium, France, Germany and The Netherlands to form the company in 1993. This high-speed rail operator offers a unique service that crosses European boundaries and also passes into the UK via the Channel Tunnel.

The Thalys service is known for being safe, clean and efficient, meaning it's 7.2 million passengers can travel to Thalys' 25 destinations in comfort.

Thalys Ticket Types

There are four types of tickets you can book with Thalys. Once you have found the ticket that suits your needs you can book your journey using our search tool. Cancellations and refunds of your ticket depend on which ticket you originally brought.

Standard Mini

  • Cheapest ticket option available
  • Subject to availability
  • Non-exchangeable and non-refundable.
  • Free WiFi
  • Charging sockets
  • Access to the Thalys Welcome Bar


  • Subject to availability
  • Tickets can be changed for a fee of €15 + the difference in price before departure. Tickets are non-refundable after departure.
  • Free WiFi
  • Charging sockets
  • Access to the Thalys Welcome Bar


  • Subject to availability
  • Tickets can be changed for a fee of €15 + the difference in price before departure.
  • Free WiFi+
  • Charging sockets
  • Comfier seats
  • Access to the Thalys Welcome Bar


  • Subject to availability
  • Tickets can be changed for the difference in price before departure. Up to 100% of the original ticket price is refundable before departure and 50% is refundable after departure.
  • Free WiFi+
  • Charging sockets
  • Comfier seats
  • Free meal at your seat

Popular Thalys Routes

Trains from Brussels to Paris
Trains from Cologne to Brussels
Trains from Brussels to Amsterdam
Trains from Amsterdam to Paris
Trains from Paris to Antwerp


Popular Thalys Destinations

Thalys trains stop in all capital cities of France, Belgium and the Netherlands. Discover more about Paris, Brussels and Amsterdam so you can get the most out of your trip.

Thalys: FAQs

What luggage can I take with me on the Thalys?

Each passengers is allowed the following:
  • 2 x items of luggage (max 75cm, x 53cm x 30cm) - there is no weight limit but you must be able to carry your luggage by yourself. All of which must be labelled.
  • 1 x hand luggage
  • 1 x foldable push chair for children - it must be folded before you board the train.
  • Items not allowed onboard:Foodstuffs with strong odours, plants, dangerous items such as knives, firearms and explosives, goods for commercial purposes and prohibited items.
  • Please note: That if you bring extra luggage than you may be charge a 30 euro fee or it may not be allowed on board.

Can I take my bike on a Thalys Train?

Bicycles are allowed on Thalys trains however, the following rules are to be applied:
  • The wheels must be removed
  • All bike items must be covered with a non-rigid cover that is no bigger 35cm x 85 xm x 30cm.
  • If you are intending to bring a bike then you must arrive 30 minutes before departure.
  • If bringing a bike then you are allowed only one item of luggage (max 75cm, x 53cm x 30cm) and a hand luggage.
  • Please note: If these rules are not kept to then you're bike might not be allowed on board.
  • Folding bikes no bigger than 75cm, x 53cm x 30cm can be treated a one large item of luggage.

What is the Thalys check-in process?

The check-in procedure varies from country to country.
  • France: Paris Gare du Nord is equipped with security gates and baggage checks may be carried before boarding the train.
  • Belgium:Stations in Belgium do not have security gates but police or security staff might carry out random checks.
  • Germany and Amsterdam: Recently both countries have increased security but nothing is set and can change at last minute so it is best to arrive at least 20 minutes before departure to avoid any stress.
  • For security seasons all passengers must be onboard the train at least 2 minutes before the scheduled departure time.

Can I take pets on a Thalys train?

Most pets are allowed on Thalys trains but there are a few rules that apply:
  • If fellow passengers are not happy with the pet being in the carriage then Thalys staff will do there best to find another place for you to sit.
  • Small dogs, weighing less than 6kg, travel for free as long as they're in a carrier no bigger than (45cm x 30cm x 25xm)
  • Bigger dogs will need to have a 30 euro ticket bought for them, which can be done at the station.
  • All bigger dogs but be on a leash and muzzled at all times. They must either sit on the floor or on your lap.
  • Guide dogs travel for free.
  • No pets, except guide dogs, are allowed on the Sun and Snow Thalys trains.

Can Children travel for free?

  • Children under 4: Travel for free if they are sitting on a parents lap. In coaches 7,17 and 27 there are baby changing facilities, bottle warmers and wash basins. If you would like your under 4-year-old to have a separate seat then a child's ticket must be bought.
  • Children between 4 - 12:There are single fares that apply for a one way trip.
    €15 for Standard
    €20 for Comfort
    €30 for Premium
  • Children must be accompanied with an adult for the duration of the trip.

Do I need to reserve a seat on Thalys in advance?

No, seat reservations are given automatically when you buy your ticket. If you could like to change, or upgrade then it is best to contact them directly.

What facilities are available on the Thalys?

  • All Thalys trains come with free WiFi, in Comfort and Premium there is WiFi+ which is of better quality.
  • There are charging sockets throughout the train.
  • Toilets are located in every carriage with disabled toilets spread evenly though-out the train.
  • The Thalys Welcome Bar which offers snacks, drinks as well as the options to buy travel tickets for your chosen destination.
  • Baby changing facilities in certain carriages.

Can I get any extra assistance on the Thalys?

Yes, there is free service at all major stations to help assist those with reduced mobility. It is best to call ahead at least 48 hours before to inform Thalys that you'll need the service.

Popular routes

On Omio, you can book a wide range of train tickets with Thalys.

Showing prices for tomorrow, Monday, January 30

Amsterdam Centraal
ThalysParis Gare du NordAmsterdam CentraalDuration: 3h 19from 171
ThalysParis Gare du NordBrussels-MidiDuration: 1h 22from 125
Paris Gare du Nord
ThalysAmsterdam CentraalParis Gare du NordDuration: 3h 20from 149
Paris Gare du Nord
ThalysBrussels-MidiParis Gare du NordDuration: 1h 22from 109
Amsterdam Centraal
ThalysBrussels-MidiAmsterdam CentraalDuration: 1h 52from 100
ThalysParis Gare du NordBrugesDuration: 2h 36from 120
ThalysAmsterdam CentraalBrussels-MidiDuration: 1h 53from 29
Paris Gare du Nord
ThalysCologne HbfParis Gare du NordDuration: 3h 21from 135
Cologne Hbf
ThalysParis Gare du NordCologne HbfDuration: 3h 20from 135
Amsterdam Centraal
ThalysParis Gare du NordAmsterdam CentraalDuration: 3h 19from 167

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