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Renfe: The Spanish state railway Renfe was created in 1941 to run the nation's rail network when it was nationalised. Renfe operates a wide variety of services ranging from regional rural lines and commuter links to the modern, high-speed AVE intercity trains. Renfe routes cover around 15,000 kilometres of railway. Renfe trains also travel from Spain into France in cooperation with France's national train company, SNCF. Book the cheapest Spanish train tickets with Omio today.

All about Renfe tickets: Book with Omio

Renfe has a multitude of ticket types to choose from, as well as discount cards and special offers. And since we at Omio are determined to make your life easier, we have summarised them for you below:

What are the types of Renfe tickets? Fares and conditions

  • Promo Fare: The cheapest, but without changes or cancellations.
  • Promo+ Fare: Paying a little more allows changes and cancellations on the ticket with a rate of 20 or 30%.
  • Flexible Fare: You can change your seat and ticket for free up to 30 minutes before departure, or cancel with a 5% fee.
  • General Fare: Same as the Flexible Fare, but paying a 15% fee.
  • Round Trip Ticket: 20% discount on the base fare price when purchasing a round-trip ticket together. You can change or cancel with a rate between 15 and 40%.
  • 4Table Fare: All 4 table tickets can be purchased at the same time with a 60% discount off the base fare price. No changes are allowed and cancellation is 50% of the ticket price.
  • Essential Fare: Changes are not allowed, but can be canceled at a rate of 50%.
  • Flexi Fare: No changes allowed, but can be canceled up to 24 hours before departure free and with a fee of 10% the day before departure.

How to get the best price on Renfe tickets?

To get good deals on Renfe trains and good Renfe ticket price:
  • Check Renfe discounts for large families or if you are over 65.
  • Buy a round-trip ticket, which can save up to 20% of the total price.
  • Look for Renfe AVE long-distance offers with Promo, Promo+ or Flexible train tickets.
  • When booking with Omio you can select the Renfe discount cards (Renfe Gold Card and +Renfe Youth Card 50).

Are there Renfe discount cards? Can they be applied when buying at Omio?

As for discount cards, you can check here if you are among the lucky ones who can apply for one:
  • Card + Renfe Joven 50: Valid for youngsters between 14 and 25 years old (50% of the ticket price).
  • Renfe Gold Card: Valid for young people under 60 years of age or who are totally disabled or disabled (between 25% and 45% of the general rate).

Do you travel with children?

Well, all you have to worry about is bringing them a snack! With Renfe, children under the age of 14 travel with a 40% discount and children under the age of 4 who do not occupy a seat travel for free!

Do we have to print the Renfe train ticket?

Some companies, such as Renfe, already offer electronic tickets on most of their routes. So when you book you have two options:
  • Paper ticket
  • : The one of all the life, the one that you are going to print to the nearest locutorio because your printer of house never works. You take it with you on the day of your trip and make sure you don't miss it.
  • Electronic ticket: The revolution of travel, the future, the gourmet can tell which one you prefer, huh? If electronic tickets are the most comfortable thing there is. Download it on your smartphone, on Omio's app, and hint! And without spending paper, money or time.


Changes and cancellations

What are the conditions for changing or cancelling the Renfe train ticket?

Change of plans? Don't stress! Click on this page to access the Omio cancellation system. Enter the company you are travelling with and your reference number and check the amount you will be refunded. If you have any problems or questions, our customer service will always be there.

What to do in case the Renfe train is delayed?

Renfe is the one who's changed his plans? What a chore! But don't worry, if you suffer a delay or cancellation, it is possible to receive compensation. Contact our customer service or Renfe to make sure.


Have you made up your mind yet? Then all you have to do is search for your trip in Omio, click on Book and enter your personal and payment details.

Popular Renfe Routes

Thanks to the number of routes that Renfe offers in Spain, in Omio you can book train tickets to go practically anywhere you want. Did you know that the AVE Madrid Barcelona train route is the most used in the world?

Trains from Barcelona to Valencia
Trains from Madrid to Barcelona
Trains from Salamanca to Valencia
Trains from Cadiz to Malaga
Trains from Madrid to Valencia
Trains from Madrid to Malaga


Trains in Spain

Renfe has major hubs in Madrid and Barcelona, rail services to all the regions of Spain and international routes to France and Portugal. Spain has invested substantially in developing its high-speed AVE services. These lines now connect Madrid with Barcelona, Malaga, Seville, Alicante, Zaragoza, Valladolid, Santiago De Compostela, La Coruna and points in-between, significantly reducing the times of long-distance train journeys across much of Spain.

Renfe Train Types

Renfe operates different types of trains depending on the route. Renfe offers: Suburban trains, which usually operate within a single province; Middle-Distance trains, which travel within an autonomous region and adjacent communities; and Long-Distance trains, which travel from one end of Spain to the other. Long-Distance Renfe trains feature numerous services including meals, refreshments, newspapers and movies.

Renfe's fleet of trains include:

  • AVE: These are Renfe's high-speed trains, most commonly used for long-distance routes. The AVE train from Madrid to Barcelona is the most popular high-speed train route in Spain. AVE trains offer a variety of services, including a "silent car" for those wishing to rest for the duration of their journey.

  • Alvia: Alvia trains operate on AVE tracks at lower speeds. Alvia trains are also used to reach destinations in Spain which are not located on AVE routes.

  • Euromed: Euromed trains connect cities along Spain's Mediterranean coast. The train from Barcelona to Valencia is the most popular Euromed Renfe route.

  • Altaria: The main Altaria train routes are trains from Madrid to Murcia, Madrid to Granada, and Granafrom to Algeciras.

  • Trenhotel: Renfe's night train service, Trenhotel's most popular routes is the train from Madrid to Lisbon.

Renfe FAQS

How much luggage can I take with Renfe?

On Renfe trains you can take 3 packages (suitcases, handbags, backpacks, briefcases and similar) that do not exceed between three 25 kg. The largest package should have a maximum size of 85 x 55 x 35 cm (height-width-depth).

What if I have to travel with special luggage?

Cars and folded baby seats, folded bicycles and instruments that do not exceed 30 x 120 x 38 cm can also be transported in Renfe AVE and Renfe long distance.

I have reduced mobility. What does Renfe offer me when I travel?

Atendo is the free service offered by Renfe for Attention and Assistance to travellers with disabilities or reduced mobility. This service informs, guides and facilitates transit through stations and assistance in getting on and off trains.

I can't be separated from my pet. Can I take her on a trip?

We understand, we also love pets! On Renfe trains, a maximum of one animal (dog, cat, bird not belonging to a pen or ferret) per passenger whose maximum weight does not exceed 10 kg is allowed. They should always be placed in a closed container measuring 60x35x35 cm.

I'm addicted to my smartphone. Is there Wi-Fi on Renfe trains?

Renfe offers its PlayRenfe service on selected routes. With this service, you can connect to the internet and enjoy a catalogue of entertainment content such as series or films.

What if I got hungry in the middle of the journey and didn't bring a sandwich from home?

All Renfe trains have vending machines and the long distance trains also have a wagon with cafeteria—in case you get hunger pangs!

Popular routes

On Omio, you can book a wide range of train tickets with Renfe.

Showing prices for tomorrow, Saturday, June 10

RenfeMadrid-Puerta de Atocha-Almudena GrandesToledoDuration: 0h 35from 14
Segovia Guiomar
RenfeMadrid ChamartínSegovia GuiomarDuration: 0h 27from 16
RenfeBarcelona SantsGironaDuration: 0h 38from 17
RenfeSevilla-Santa JustaCórdobaDuration: 0h 50from 22
RenfeMadrid-Puerta de Atocha-Almudena GrandesToledoDuration: 0h 35from 14
Sevilla-Santa Justa
RenfeMálaga-María ZambranoSevilla-Santa JustaDuration: 2h 00from 47
Madrid Chamartín
RenfeSegovia GuiomarMadrid ChamartínDuration: 0h 26from 16

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