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About Us

At Omio, we make travel easy. Whether you’re travelling in Ireland, the U.K. or beyond, we help you find the cheapest, fastest and best train, bus and flight options to get you to and from your destination. From Brighton to Brussels to Barcelona to Boston—we’ve got you covered.

How We Work

Join more than 27 million monthly users in finding the most convenient routes to nearly anywhere in Europe, the Unites States and Canada. We offer journeys to more than 100,000 unique destinations (and counting!) so even if there’s no airport nearby, we can find you alternative transport to ensure your arrival. We want to guide you through every step of your journey—including airport transfers—making Omio your ultimate pocket travel companion.

Book your next trip with Omio

  1. Enter your departure and arrival destinations and travel dates
  2. Compare the different train, bus and flight routes available between the two destinations (feel free to filter for cheapest, fastest, recommended)
  3. Choose the best route for you and book your tickets on our website
  4. Either print your ticket or download your mobile ticket
  5. Have a great trip!

Why Us?

  • We’ve worked out all the complicated bits so you don’t have to! Instead, you have more time to plan the fun part of your trip.
  • Our technology sifts through all the data to find you the best options–in just a couple of seconds–for your requirements.
  • You can count on us. We offer customer service in 12 different languages and our team is happy to help with any issues. Spend less time planning your travels and more time experiencing them.

Our Partners

With more than 800 transport partners, we are proud to represent some of the best travel companies in Europe, the U.S. and Canada.

Accredited by National Rail in the UK

More and more travel partners for trains, buses and flights in Ireland are available on Omio

Please note: Train tickets bought on Omio are accredited by National Rail, the British Association of train operating companies. Omio adheres to all standards set by National Rail.

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