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Trenitalia: Trenitalia is Italy's main train operator. It is government owned and was created in 2000. Its long distance trains are FRECCE (or arrows) and Intercity trains. Trenitalia's high-speed trains, the Frecciargento and Frecciarossa can travel up to 250 km/h and 300 km/h respectively Intercity and night trains are slower, but cheaper. Trenitalia offers a first and second-class service on its long distance trains.

Trenitalia timetables: the new winter schedule starts on December 15th

From December 15th, the new Trenitalia timetable will come into effect—which provides increased daily departures of the Frecciarossa and Frecciargento high-speed trains and with extended coverage of the Intercity and Intercity Notte.
With Omio, you can already take a look at the timetables and prices of 84% of the entire Trenitalia offer—to start planning and booking train journeys over the holidays.

Trenitalia will soon release the remaining 16% of the timetables so you can book the cheapest tickets for the upcoming holidays.

How to Book Trenitalia Tickets

Omio is a travel platform and an authorized ticket seller that lets you compare and book Trenitalia trains to destinations in Italy, France and Switzerland. With the Omio travel search engine, you can find the departure times and prices of trains between any two cities. Omio takes into account all the factors that determine your trip, including the time of departure and/or arrival, the ticket price and the total required travel time (including or excluding a changeover).

With Omio, it's never been easier to get Trenitalia train tickets in English straight to your phone. There's even an English speaking customer service team should you encounter any problems.

Booking Trenitalia Tickets with Omio

Booking Trenitalia tickets with Omio is easy, simply put in your departing and arriving city, as well as the date you want to travel and then we'll do all the hard work! We find all the possible routes not only for Trenitalia but other Italian train companies. Allowing you to pick the best option for your journey.

Once you've purchased your ticket, we'll send you an email confirming your booking as well informing you if you have a mobile ticket or if you need to print out a ticket before your board.

Then if you have any troubles along the way, our English-speaking customer service is there to help you.

Trenitalia Ticket Types

All Trenitalia tickets are offered as singles or return. Pre-purchasing Trenitalia tickets online and in advance often saves you money and allows you to take advantage of further discounts and promotions. Check out the different ticket types below:

  • Base Tickets: These tickets are great if you're looking for flexibility; a ticket of this type can be changed as many times as you need.
  • Economy Tickets: These tickets can be purchased up to two days before departure and allow you to change the time and date of travel once.
  • Super Economy: These tickets are the least expensive, although the date and time of travel cannot be changed.

Trenitalia Class Types

On board the Trenitalia Frecciarossa high-speed trains, you can choose between four seating classes and unlike many first class service options, they're all affordable! Trenitalia aims to accommodate every type of traveler (even those with a modest budget). Below are images of popular seating classes and summary of the services available on all class types:

Standard class: With Standard class, inclusive of your ticket, you'll also get:
  • WiFi
  • Tables
  • Bistro table service
  • Power sockets
  • Entertainment portal
Premium class: From €10 extra, with a Premium ticket you'll get:
  • All the standard class benefits
  • Large leather seats
  • Complimentary newspapers
  • Complimentary welcome drink (coffee, soft drink or prosecco)
Business class: From €33 extra, with a Business ticket you'll get:
  • All the standard and premium class benefits
  • More leg and elbow room
  • Table service
  • High quality, healthy Italian products
Executive class: Finally, with the highest tier of service available on Trenitalia trains you'll get:
  • All the standard, premium and business class benefits
  • Access to the FRECCIA Club, where you will be welcomed by members of staff
  • A private meeting room with 5 seats, and a 32-inch colour monitor
  • Stylish chairs with a 180° rotation

Best Time to Book Trenitalia Trains.

The further in advance you book your Trenitalia train tickets, the less money they'll cost you. The table below shows the differing cost of train tickets depending on how long before departure you book. Booking a month in advance can almost half the cost of most train tickets, so it's worth planning ahead!

Please note that the prices in the table are based on internal data of the average cost of Trenitalia tickets when booked in advance and was conducted in 2016. These prices may be subject to change.

Routes Today 1 day in advance 1 week in advance 2 weeks in advance 3 weeks in advance 1 month in advance
Milan to Rome trains €91 €91 €71 €62 €58 €57
Rome to Florence trains €41 €42 €34 €27 €27 €21
Milan to Venice trains €49 €52 €45 €37 €38 €33
Rome to Venice trains €88 €91 €62 €52 €50 €51
Naples to Milan trains €99 €102 €69 €63 €69 €61
Turin to Rome trains €92 €96 €78 €76 €72 €64
Florence to Milan trains €57 €55 €38 €39 €33 €33
Milan to Paris trains €123 €106 €94 €104 €74 €73

Trenitalia Discount and Deals

Trenitalia is always looking for ways to save customers money! See below for some of the latest offers which are now bookable with Omio.

  • Trenitalia 2 for 1 Offer Trenitalia is currently offering an exclusive deal that allows you to travel as a pair paying the price of just one ticket (base fare) on Saturdays. Tickets must be booked 48 hours before departure and can be purchased directly with Omio.
  • Insieme Group Travel Offer Traveling with friends and family? Trenitalia's Insieme deal is perfect for you! Groups of 2-5 passengers will receive 30% off. With Omio, you can book the Insieme ticket on more than 900 routes served by Trenitalia (see the terms and conditions below).
Insieme Offer Terms & Conditions
This offer is valid on all national trains (Frecciarossa, Frecciargento, Frecciabianca, Intercity and ICN), in First and Second class, Business, Premium and Standard service levels as well as couchettes and sleeper cars. Regional trains, executive service level, excelsior carriages and Salottini seats are excluded from this offer.
Tickets must be purchased by midnight the day before travel. Select two to five passengers when booking the Insieme option.
Passengers must travel together on the same train, at the same time.
Seating is limited.
The Insieme ticket is non-refundable, can’t be changed and must be used on the train selected at time of purchase. If one or more members of the group isn’t present on the train, each traveller present using the same Insieme ticket is subject to a €10 fine.

Mini and Smart Rates for Traveling to Switzerland and France

  • Mini Prices: You can now travel by train in Switzerland from €9! Mini train tickets allow you to travel to Lugano, Bellinzona, and Lucerne for as little as €9 when you book a second-class ticket up to 21 days before departure. Mini train tickets also allow travelers to reach Geneva, Bern, and Basel with a second-class ticket for as little as €19.
  • Smart Prices:You can now travel by train in Switzerland from €19! Smart train tickets to Lugano, Bellinzona, Lucerne, and Zurich can be purchased for as little as €19 up to 14 days before departure.
  • Mini Group Prices: This is perfect for groups traveling to France! Receive 20-50% off of Trenitalia train tickets to Nice and Marseille while traveling in groups of 2-5 people.

Popular Trenitalia Routes

Trenitalia has trains that run throughout Italy getting you from the biggest cities to the smallest towns. The busiest routes are between major cities such as Rome, Venice, Naples and Milan.

Trains from Milan to Venice
Trains from Venice to Rome
Trains from Florence to Venice
Trains from Venice to Milan

Introducing: Trenitalia’s New Direct Route Between Fiumicino Airport and Venice

From December 10, Trenitalia will offer 4 new trains between Venice and Fiumicino Airport per day, stopping at Padova, Bologna, Florence and Rome.

This new route allows customers to go directly to Venice from Fiumicino Airport airport— and vice versa— meaning carrying heavy baggage during a transfer will be a thing of the past!

Route Times

Rome Fiumicino - Florence 11:08 - 13:22
15:08 - 17:22
Rome Fiumicino - Bologna 11:08 - 14:07
15:08 - 18:07
Rome Fiumicino - Venice 15:08 - 19:35 €60,00
Genova - Rome Fiumicino 6:10 - 10:37 €39,00
Pisa - Rome Fiumicino 7:50 - 10:37 €29,00

Trenitalia Train Types

Trenitalia has four main train types, differentiated by speed, amenities and routes covered. The images below show the three different high-speed train types.

  • Frecciarossa is the fastest type of Trenitalia train, reaching speeds of up to 300 km/h.
  • Traditional Frecciarossa trains (known as ETR 500) connects more than 15 cities in Italy including Milan, Rome, Bologna, Florence, Naples, and Turin.
  • Frecciarossa 1000 (known as ETR 1000) trains travel the Naples-Rome-Milan-Turin route 28 times per day.
  • Frecciarossa 1000 trains can connect big cities such as Rome and Milan in under 3 hours.
  • All Trenitalia Frecciarossa trains include WiFi, power outlets, air conditioning, washrooms, luggage storage, restaurant and bar services.

  • Frecciargento is the second fastest type of Trenitalia train, reaching speeds of up to 250 km/h.
  • Frecciargento trains travel between Rome and northeastern and southeastern Italy, several times a day.
  • Frecciargento trains services include WiFi, power outlets, air conditioning, luggage storage, washrooms, a dining car, and seats reserved for the disabled.

    Frecciabianca trains run outside of the high-speed trainlines, reaching speeds up to 200 km/h.
  • Frecciabianca trains travel between many of Italy's biggest cities and along the Adriatic coast.
  • Frecciabianca runs approximately 86 trains per day and offers spacious seats, power outlets, washrooms, luggage storage and disabled seating.

    Intercity trains are slower than high-speed trains, but are still faster than local transport trains.
  • Trenitalia's Intercity trains connect approximately 200 cities throughout Italy.
  • Intercity Night trains travel overnight and serve the greater distances.
  • Intercity trains are equipped with air conditioning, washrooms, and disabled seating.
  • You can also take the regional trains which connect all of Italy's smaller areas, often frequented by commuters and students. Regional trains are operated by local companies.

Trenitalia: Frequently Asked Questions

Passengers can bring their bikes on board Trenitalia trains for free, provided the bike is disassembled and placed in a bag or folded closed. While on Regional Trenitalia trains, passengers can bring a bike on board (by disassembling it) provided it does not discomfort other passengers and is no larger than 110 x 80 x 40 cm. Special train compartments bearing the bicycle symbol accept assembled bikes for a small additional fee.
It is free to bring cats and other small pets on Trenitalia trains, provided they are transported in a carrying case or crate no larger than 70 x 50 x 30 cm. Larger dogs may travel with their owner for an additional fee provided they are muzzled and leashed. Dogs are prohibited on Regional Trenitalia trains during the morning rush hour from 7:00 - 9:00 a.m. Guide dogs for the visually impaired are exempt from all fees and restrictions.
Traveling with luggage is free on all Trenitalia trains. However, please note that luggage must fit in the designated space and not obstruct the area (or disturb other passengers and train employees).
If you are traveling in a group of 2 - 5 and there is one adult then a child under 15 can travel for free , the other travelers must pay a normal fee. The offer is valid for travel in first and second class on all Frecciarossa train and Frecciargento, Frecciabianca and Intercity trains. Tickets can be bought up to the trains departure.


Popular routes

On Omio, you can book a wide range of train tickets with Trenitalia.

Showing prices for tomorrow, Monday, January 30

Milan Centrale
TrenitaliaZürich HBMilan CentraleDuration: 3h 17from 77
Zürich HB
TrenitaliaMilan CentraleZürich HBDuration: 3h 17from 77
Paris Gare de Lyon
TrenitaliaMilan CentraleParis Gare de LyonDuration: 6h 57from 79
Milan Centrale
TrenitaliaParis Gare de LyonMilan CentraleDuration: 6h 55from 79
Milan Centrale
TrenitaliaGenevaMilan CentraleDuration: 4h 01from 86

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