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Trains in France

The French train network has become one of the most efficient methods for travelling the country, as well as for reaching France from all corners of Europe. Not only are trains in France efficient, but they are also convenient and reasonably priced. The French train network provides high-speed trains that connect all the main cities within France and neighboring countries, as well as regional trains used to reach more remote towns and villages in the country. The three most common domestic type of trains passengers will encounter while travelling France are the TGV, Intercités, and TER. The TGV trains are high-speed, double-decker trains that connect Paris to all the main cities in France. The Intercités trains usually stop at cities which are not provided by the TGV network, and run both during the day and night. The TER are regional trains, one for each region of the country, which is low cost and stops in the smaller towns and villages. As demonstrated, there are many trains in France that travellers may use for their journey. The main train companies in the country are SNCF, TGV, Eurostar, Thalys, Ouigo, Renfe, Lyria, and Thello. Some of the most popular domestic routes visitors enjoy taking in France go from Paris to Lyon, Nice to Monaco, Paris to Nice, and Paris to Bordeaux. On the other hand, travellers visiting France from other European countries usually come from Amsterdam to Paris, London to Paris, and Milan to Paris. Using the Omio app, travellers will be able to find the right train routes and companies which cater to their specific needs. 

Booking with Omio

When booking train tickets to France with Omio, you will be able to plan your trips efficiently and smoothly thanks to its journey app planner. To book a trip, first select where you want to travel to (in Europe, the U.S. or Canada) as well as the dates for your trip. Once you have decided on these details, you'll see clear and up-to-date information on which options are available to you including train types. At this point, travellers will have the choice to pay in different currencies, add on any personal discount cards, as well as having the chance to decide how to travel (i.e. slower for lower price or by picking the fastest travel time). Once booked, you will have access to all the tickets needed for your journey directly on a mobile device—no printer needed!

Train Companies in France

There are several train companies in France that travellers may want to get acquainted with before purchasing tickets for their trip. France has three train companies that provide only domestic routes, these companies are SNCF, TGV, and OUIGO. The SNCF is known to be the main operator of trains in France, these are typically high-speed regional trains, called Intercités, and also slower regional TER trains. The OUIGO company offers only six routes and it's known to be the low-cost alternative for high-speed trains in the country. The TGV company offers only a few routes as well, although it has plans to extend its network of high-speed trains in the future. On the other hand, six train companies in France offer international routes. Thello is a joint venture between SNCF and Trenitalia, therefore it provides day and night trains with routes going between Marseille and Milan, as well as Paris and Venice. Lyria is a partnership between SNCF and SBB (Switzerland) which provides high-speed trains with connections between Paris, Marseille and Dijon to main cities in Switzerland. Thalys also offers high-speed trains with routes that go from Paris to Amsterdam/Brussels/Cologne. The high-speed trains serviced by Eurostar operate routes that go from France to London, as well as Amsterdam and Brussels. The Renfe-SNCF collaboration provides direct routes with high-speed trains from the main cities in France to Barcelona and Madrid. Lastly, Eurocity has provided slower trains with routes that connect France to major cities in Europe.  

Popular International Routes by Train

travellers wishing to use trains for their visit to France from neighboring countries will find that Omio is a useful and convenient tool to use while booking their tickets. The main international routes that reach France usually depart and arrive from Paris and Lyon. Some of the most popular international routes by train go from London to Lyon/Paris, Amsterdam to Lyon/Paris, Brussels to Lyon/Paris, Berlin to Lyon, Barcelona to Paris, and Milan to Paris.   

When Arriving

When travellers visit France, they should be aware of the following information to facilitate their trip. France is a country that has much to offer for tourists and travellers. Therefore, it is advised that travellers include various non-tourist attractions and destinations in France to gather a better understanding of the culture. This is especially important while trying the exquisite French cuisine, and travellers may discover a hidden culinary gem while walking away from the crowded areas. 

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